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Zistel Six-Channel ECG Device

With Zistel’s N-PEC1 ECG device, record your heart signal continuously

  • As small as a credit card! Always with you.
  • It is easy to use the device without needing gel and just with your fingers.

Elevate Your
Well-being with Zistel

Increase your knowledge about your health by using our services. Also, learn ways to improve it.

npec1 Smart assistant
the national event of artificial intelligence and health

Zistel hand-held ECG device was selected as the best self-care smart assistant

Welcome to Zistel

By providing high-quality products, Zitel allows you to easily track your health details on your mobile phone and archive your medical records.

Hand-held ECG!

Get your ECG/EKG easily at home, without the need to visit the clinic with the quality of Clinical ECG machines.

Organizational screening

Provider of health screening and monitoring services in organizations. Check the health level of your employees with us.

Your Heart Protector

Monitor the state of your heart and blood vessels at any hour of the day by using Zitel digital devices.

Zistel, Your Handheld Health Monitor

Automatic archiving

You no longer need to carry your medical history and measurement results in paper folders. Zitel software keeps your information and every time you measure with a smart heart and blood vessel health monitoring device, your medical record is automatically updated and stored in the cloud.

cloud data saving
Easy to use

Generally, it is difficult for users who are not medical staff to use medical devices due to their complex nature. But Nasir's bioprocessing products are made in such a way that they can perform their examinations with high accuracy by pressing a button and present their results in a way that doctors can trust.

easy to use
Permanent support

All the process of design, manufacturing and planning of Nasir bioprocessing products is done in Iran and all these products have been tested and approved many times in different conditions. Therefore, in case of problems or ambiguity, the company's support will always be committed to providing the highest after-sales service.

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Hand-held Ecardiogram device

With Zistel ECG device, check your heart condition easily at home. Safe and easy experience with Zistel ECG device; Accurate and reliable monitoring of your heart activity at any time

Recorded ECGs
10000 +
number of users
1000 +
گیفت ثبت با دستگاه نوارقلب
ecg device

High accuracy while being simple and portable

Check your heart condition easily at home with Zistel ECG device. Safe and easy experience with Zistel ECG device; Accurate and reliable monitoring of your heart activity at any time.

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تبلت نتایج نوار قلب

What is ECG and why is it important?

The EKG or ECG is a painless test that checks the heart's function. Due to the complexity that an EKG device can have, EKG shows different accuracy in identifying heart diseases such as types of cardiac arrhythmia. If you have experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, etc., or if you have visited a doctor to check your cardiovascular condition, you may have heard the name of an electrocardiogram.

Get to know the types of cardiogram leads

Electrocardiogram or ECG leads. This procedure is completely painless and can be done quickly. The heart's electricity is detected by sticky electrodes attached to the skin. The resulting measurements are known as ECG leads. Various lead systems have been developed and improved over the past century, of which the ECG transcription becomes part of the system. These systems include the main Eindhoven, Goldberger and Wilson systems.

ecg electrode - راه‌های تشخیص تپش قلب توسط پزشک

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